The History of Greenbrier


Greenbrier of Central Florida, LLC., was established in 1980. It started as the vision of Barry Grimm, who brought his family to Apopka, Florida from New York. His hopes were that the existing dog kennel, on the property he purchased, would grow into a well maintained, vacation spot for pets of all sizes, complete with outdoor play yards and swimming pool. Greenbrier Pet Resort was on its way to being a well-recognized facility.

At the same time, cremations were being done sporadically, at best.  Barry himself would pick up pets at the local Veterinary Hospitals. This established a rapport and trust between Barry and the Veterinarians and soon, word spread among the pet industry about Greenbrier's service. The "Kennel with a Heart" as it became to be known, grew with reservations being made months in advance for the pampered pooches. And, as more hospitals and clinics sought services, the occasional request to pick up a deceased pet was more than what just one person could manage. 

 The Kennel closed its doors in 2004 and Greenbrier began to dedicate its services for the afterlife of one's beloved pet. The addition of the "Viewing Room", the "Sunset Pavilion", Grief Recovery Specialists and a Certified Pet Funeral Director on staff, as well as many affordable options for the final journey, has made Greenbrier a full service afterlife pet care specialists.


The ethics, quality, and professional standards with which Greenbrier prides itself, has made this crematory a well-known facility within the four states it services; Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. As we celebrated 30 years in business, in May of 2010, Greenbrier announced the opening of their second facility in Lincoln, Alabama as well as adding Mississippi into their service area. Our highly trained staff offers their assistance, making your pet's final journey as effortlessly as possible. Whether a private cremation or a formal burial, they ensure that your wishes are completed for your pet's final journey.   



 Greenbrier is nestled in Apopka's country side. Twenty acres is home to the offices, crematory, and Memorial Gardens

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The grounds are maintained to keep as much of nature's surrounding as possible

The love for animals, in general, is also reflected in the many "pets" that call this haven a home.

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We are very proud to be members of the following organizations:

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Membership in the FVMA Industry Advisory Council.