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Little Man Oct. 2000-Oct. 2017

Baby boy, you crossed the rainbow bridge leaving behind many broken hearts behind on this earth. You became my precious little baby at 9 weeks old and you gave me so much joy and happiness in my life. You never did any wrong and I hope I always let you know how much you were loved. Your love was unconditional for me and the family and all those you met. I will miss you so much for a long time and will never forget your sweet demeanor that made you the sweet little gentleman you were. You left a hole in my heart. Go be with Little bit and until we meet again and I can hold you again, have fun running free in your new and restored little body. I love you Little Man and Miss you my sweet baby boy.

Love you always baby, Mommy.

I saw Bella's photo in the arms of a volunteer at a shelter - miserable at being taken back inside to the noisy, dark, dreary kennel. I came to see you & fill out the paperwork to adopt you not 4 hrs later. The first time I saw you in person, I was separated by a counter. I wondered if you had tumors. Then I realized you had been bred over & over again. You were sweet, happy to see anyone who would give you some love & attention - & let's not forget treats. You hardly had any teeth - they were worn down, but you never had any problem eating. The shelter wouldn't allow me to take you home when I met you because I lived out of their county & you hadn't been spayed. I had to wait another day - I picked you up, groggy from your spay surgery & drove you the 45 minutes home. From the minute I met you, I knew you were ours for as long as you had left on this earth. Sadly that wasn't as long as we'd hoped. Breast cancer took you from us a very short 2 years 7 months later. You gave us so much love, laughter & smiles. You were dearly loved & are dearly missed. ~ Till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, be well, be happy.


Bama & Penny Grebs


 Penny was so pathetic looking when we found her at the shelter, and honestly I picked another dog, but Penny picked her Dad, and Dad said, No, Penny is the one joining our family. I will never regret my husband's decision to stand firm on Penny. We are truck drivers and I had Bama, our American Eskimo, and Jim had Penny. We lost Penny last year in 4/15/10, and just recently on 12/30/11, we lost Bama.




My Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge Feb. 28, 2011. I had 17 great years with him. I have comfort knowing that he is back home in my office/his bedroom.

R.I.P. my sweet Bailey. Until we meet again. Mary Hershberger





My initial memory of you was in 2006 -- maybe 2005 --I can't remember exactly -- at a small, badly managed pet store in East Texas...I was  "getting my bird fix", visiting a conure when  suddenly I heard a terrible screeching.You were scrambling in three inches of sawdust in a clear, four sided glass container, snapping at some idiots grasping at you while a huge stack of cats loomed over the scene.  You didn't even have a perch for stability.I'm not one to stand idly by & allow an animal be bullied, so I asked the dude reaching for you what he was trying to do. He skulked off.
For the next several weeks, you became my focus. You were so thin and had a huge scab on your keel bone. I vainly lobbied for better food, location, and medical treatment for you . At some point, I bought you a perch so you could grasp something. Unemployed, buying a $1200 parrot was non-realistic.
I called newspapers, humane society groups, animal support groups. In East Texas, they claimed impotence at intervention. The staff became (understandably) less friendly; it was clear I had to purchase you in order to ensure your upkeep. I talked them down to $750 and made a down payment on you, thus ensuring I had a say about your upkeep while I paid you off. 
The opening of your pen was covered so customers wouldn't pester you any more.
The cats disappeared from your area.
I bought your food and feeding dishes instructing staff I was fully in charge of your care.
I begged them to take to the vet. They refused.
As soon as you were fully mine, I whisked you immediately to a vet for treatment of the sore on your keel bone. He warned me you were likely going to die because you'd stopped eating & had indicated by your lack of activity or interest a desire to die. I believed in that you'd survived the hellhole of a pet store so long (two years) you wanted to survive & only needed a chance.
At his request, I covered you for 3 days. On the 3rd day I heard movement & you were perched firmly above the bottom of the cage eating voraciously. I had to hand cradle & feed you to put weight back on you.
Hey, you know those moments when babies who are spoon feeding get muck all over their faces & bibs! Let's just say, you weren't any exception, and usually I stuck you in the shower on a special perch to wash off the muck. 
You lived & flourished.
And then one day, you let me touch you....oh, so sofly. And on another day, when I coaxed, "step up", you did! Little by little you allowed me to smooth your feathers, rumbling low when I moved too fast in my excitement. 
I liked to rub your poor little feet too, deformed from the days when the "other place" denied you something to stand ons...you liked that, rumbling all the time to remind me it was a privilege that might be revoked at any snap of a beak when you tired of it. 
Occasionally I tried to rub your eyelids which is supposed to be a favorite sweet spot on parrots! 
That never quite worked, so I settled to just giving you a foot massage every now and then or stroking your chest .. but never your face! That's what trust & respect are all about. Soon I was taking you on "walks", perched on my finger or palm - but never could get the hang of my shoulder - most likely because your feet were a bit messed up from your sawdust days. 
Blink. Hoot (I think you'd heard an owl at some point). Kiss. Ruffle the feathers blowing your image up to three or four times its size. Then blink, click of the tongue, hoot, kiss. If I pushed to hard & I got a hard peck, I made sure I apologized & ended with a kiss & a peanut or pretzel circle -not pretzel looking pretzel You had plenty of kisses even if with a low, throaty rumble .. sorta like a little lion club. I tried to imitate your "click" - I couldn't. 
You taught me patience, boundaries, and love .. and forgiveness while I learned the skills of owning a feathered friend.
You shared my life with four cockatiels and a dog in the beginning.
One of my favorite memories of you is when I moved to Florida & we stopped by the ocean to watch the sun set --me & a friend picnicking close by while you clicked your tongue (or beak?) from your perch close by..staring at the sun go down.
I remember sneaking you into motels when I went on a road trip to Tennessee & your full attention at the methods I used to attempt to encourage you to speak..which you chose never to do.
When I moved to China for three years, I had to leave you in the great care of my sister Pam. There you found true love with Zoey, another African Grey -- oh my gosh! You both were so sweet with one another.
Human disagreements separated you from your lady love & you were back with me, though I hated to do this so much. I knew my sister was a great caregiver, but you were my baby -- I wanted, perhaps selfishly I'll forever wonder & torture myeelf about for a time to come -- to reconnect with you, my friend & baby.
Buddy -- everyone who saw you on our multiple walks I took you on along with Angel, my dog from China -- always commented how handsome and sweet you were. And you were.
You loved peanuts, most recently round pretzels, raisins, sweet fruit, but not so much veggies. I loved how you'd stick out your black tongue to "taste" something new & if you didn't like it toss it careless about...or snatch it from me if you did like it.
Other bird owners often asked me to sell you to them! How can a person sell their friend?! Of course, that wasn't possible.
I remember your reaction when I took you to a friend's aviary and you remembered you were not the only parrot in the world. So cute!
I loved your lion growl, playing Snatch It with me, and puffing yourself to four times your size. I loved that you never talked actually. I didn't care about that so much. I only wanted you to be happy.
I loved how you'd automatically duck your head to catch the spray from a water bottle as I spritzed you daily while singing "Showers of Blessing". Bottle .. duck..it became a trained response.
I loved how you hooted like an owl when covered up for the night.
Most of all, I love watching you fall in love with a lady parrot & feeding & protecting each other. You were such a gent -- usually if not always allowing Zoey first dibs at the pickings before you ate!
Oh Buddy! How I will miss walking you along with Angel in the mornings & evenings. I'll miss watching you watch me do my stuff & particularly loving to watch TV with me (from a distance of course).
If I could redo a day or event that placed you in what became harm's way -- it would be to have found a way for you & your lady love to stay together. I'll always replay and wonder if there was something else I could have tried to do to insure your life with her & still be a part of your life.
Thank you for your hundred plus daily kisses. Thank you for trusting me enough -- not to pet & tickle you (that involved hands) but to caress you against my cheek. Thanks for your insistent clamor to go "on walks" with Angel & I. Thank you for your sweetness. Thank you for waking me up in the morning with your rustling or clicking of the tongue (or beak) & hooting. What a sweet sound to awaken to!
Thank you for your silent, watchful, stoic presence. most of all, thank you for showing me what wanting to survive is all about as you did eight years ago in a little apartment in Longview, Texas.
Thank you, Buddy, for just being you.
I love you. I will never, never forget you. I'm so sorry, my pet, for not being home to protect you on September 19, 2012, the day of your passing. 
Goodbye my friend.
Until we meet again,



Lady Dean


 Lady Dean is back home in my office,

 RIP Diane Dean





Jade went to heaven on 10/17/2012 after enriching the lives of everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her for 16 1/2 years. She had the wonderful ability to makeeveryone feel welcome with a lick no matter if you are human, canine or feline. Jade's brother Schnitzel went to heaven on 5/26/2006 and they are now enjoying each other's company until the day when I join them and we cross Rainbow Bridge and spend eternity "Together Forever. “God bless each of these wonderful creatures who give us so much and ask for so little!





You were with me for only a few days and I am still saddened by your untimely passing.

R.I.P. Trekker.





My beloved Otis will be coming to you this week for cremation. He was an adorable guy who shared the past 6 years of his life with us. He originally came to us as a beaten down, neglected bassett who was terribly ill and didn't care much for people. But after needed medical attention and love he was healed in both health and heart. He quickly became the darling of our family and we adored him. With his health again declining quickly this past year, it was soul crushing to let "My Guy" finally go. I took my last walk with Otis the day after Christmas and knew I could no longer make him endure the maladies that were now overtaking him. His absence in our lives and home is overwhelming. I only take some assurance that he now runs and plays again on the other side of paradise. Someday, when my time here is done, his ashes and mine will be mixed together and we will be together forever. You were a true blessing from heaven and gave a part of my heart a wonderful awakening!





Stormy was the runt of the litter when i picked him out as an 8 year old from a family who was giving away the kittens to good homes. 17 years later he was the alpha male of the whole house. He loved to eat people food and sneak a bite off your plate when you weren’t looking. Stormy was laid to rest on 10/31/12. But will forever be in my heart.





RIP Sweet Rocky!!

The 11 years you gave us kisses and nudges were heartwarming and comforting! Take good care up there at Rainbow Bridge. You were the one and only dog among many cats and you loved every one! Till we meet again sweet boy. I still miss your warning barks every time someone is at the door! Thank you Greenbrier for taking such good care of our boy, our Photo Memory Box will be cherished xxx 12/13/12.

Love The Hartwig Family





5/7/00 - 7/22/12

Always thinking of my baby girl. 




Buddy Clay


We love you. You were the best friend and a great truck dog

All our love 



Harley Girl


 HARLEY GIRL 7/23/98-1/11/13.

 You are my sunshine...and i will love you forever. My heart is broken.



 Dharma Jean Henchar-Lopez D.J.


Dharma Jean Henchar-Lopez D.J. for short was a wonderful girl. We adopted her into our lives and home in 1998. She was left behind buy her owners who would put cigarette butts out in here ear. Which explains why her one ear is up.

She made our home complete for fifteen years and she is missed buy all of us. Till we meet again Dharma Jean.

We love and miss you,

Daddies, Greg & Victor and your sisters Meja and Teca


Athena, My tempermental and hardheaded girl. I miss you everyday and am so sorry we did not catch your Leukemia earlier.
Your greatly missed. Rest in peace baby.



Aspen, for 14 years you were my little black Shadow. You followed me everywhere, you were my warming blanket at night time and my door greeter after a long day at work. I will miss you so much, you have been my little buddy for so long and given me unconditional love through some good and bad times in my life. I know you fought for me until the end and I cherish our final moments together.
Until we meet again, RIP. I love you.
L Pruett 02.16.13 




My dearest Lilie passed away on October 14th 2012, She was the best dog that anyone could ask for almost human. I will never forget her, I know she was an angel, thank you Lilie for been there for me and thank you God for give me the opportunity of had her in my life.


8/28/00 - 10/14/12.


Dusty Dawg


 In loving memory of our Sweet Dusty Dawg. 

10 August 2005 - 13 February 2013

Attacked by neighbors dogs ....I'm sorry you had such a brutal, sad, tragic senseless death, Dusty. I am overwhelmed with sadness and anger! We were so lucky to have you in our life. Your unique personality kept us entertained for hours. The house is so empty without you. Dusty, you was our source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. We are devastated by the loss of such a special little dog--we are overwhelmed with grief. 
Dusty Dawg we love you and will forever miss you.



Cha Cha


Cha Cha is now with her Dad in Heaven, best buddies hanging out.










I lost my best friend and a piece of my heart. I will always remember this day just like I will remember the day he came in my life. You have to be an animal lover to understand. 17 wonderful years I was blessed with Sparky and his good personality. He was truly a great being with terrific athletic abilities and the warmest unconditional love. Sparky was the first baby that Cindy and I had. I raised him since he was a puppy. The circle of life is full of joy laughter and wonderful experiences as well as heart break and sadness. We all mourn the loss of him. I hated to see him in the state he was in in the last days my heart rests heavy he is not in pain. He knows I loved him and he lived a long and good life. I will keep him in my heart forever and am truly grateful for the time I had with him. May your spirit run and jump forever my friend.





You will always be My Molly girl. Always ready to keep the boys in line yet, always a lady. I will miss your nose, nuzzling my hand as we walked. I will forever miss my girl.




We lost our Pooh girl on July 7, 2016, the day our hearts broke. She was with us 20+ years (born June 15, 1996) and will forever be in our hearts. We love you Pooh and will ALWAYS! Forever! She now has her wings.



We miss you so much ur family is not the same without you, handsome boy you will never been forgotten.
We will  always love you
❤ Spike!!❤


Bebe Edgington
You lit up my life with love.  I am so saddened and sorry you are gone.  I will always hold you in my heart.  I will miss you everyday for the rest of mine.  My liitle schipperke star.  I am sorry.


Ziggy Pooh
I miss you so much Ziggy, Mommy will always love you 


Frosty Smith
I miss you Frosty! Mommy loves you. 




Tank went to the rainbow bridge on December 21st, 2016. Tank was our buddy and such a loving dog. I am so thankful he made our life so much better. He and our son were best friends. We miss him so much but knowing my dad and father in law are with him giving him treats and scratching his butt (which he LOVED) makes us know he is ok. He is back home where he will never be alone again. Rest in Paradise Tank "Buddy" until we meet again! Love The Konopotski Family




Ozzie Jan 3, 2014- Dec, 14 2016 We loved you like no other. We picked you and your brother out of 13 but you took the cake. Yours was the most pure love of all, there were no conditions, you loved us, we loved you and that was enough. You kept your pain to yourself and didn't let us know until it was to late that you were uncomfortable of even sick, that was you not wanting us to fret over you. OzzieMan there will never be another you. I love you big guy, I know you are having fun now that you've crossed that rainbow bridge, you will always be with me because you are nestled deep inside my heart where no other can ever go. Sampson is missing you too, he keeps waiting for us to go to the vet and pick you up.




Jolie aka Little Boy


Little Boy went to Rainbow Bridge on November 23,2016. I'm am very sad . I was blessed to have him in my life for ten years. He develop cancer of the bladder. Fly high little boy! You have your wings! Your are with Yanni and grand pop.. Rest In Peace




Sweet Baby Graham


Sweet Baby Graham, you weren't even a year old when we found out how sick you were. We were only supposed to have you a few more months but God gave us almost 2 more years. Thank you, baby. You made our lives so wonderful. We will always love you the world and miss you the same.






Athena was an amazing soul. She would look at you with her big brown eyes and wrap her paws around your neck. She always knew how to make me feel better. 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with a genetic endocrine disorder that created multiple tumors throughout her body. Our vet said she had maybe 2-3 months. She outlived those odds. She loved car rides, the wind, pizza crust, her kitty sisters - Bella and Lethal and her doggy sister - Blaze. And her mommy and daddy. She was loved by everyone that met her and she loved everyone. When someone knocked on our door, she would run and grab whatever she could to greet them with a gift. Athena ... You touched our lives and hearts like no other ever has. Not seeing you this morning was hard but we still feel you. We pray that you are running free without any pain or discomfort. You are so amazing. The love and friendship you provided for over 13 years will forever be in our hearts. We love you baby girl. Be free! Until we meet again my sweet baby.






Thank you for taking good care of Angel. We were told you take excellent care of her. Her memorial urn is beautiful.. She had the puppy life in her for 16 years and didn't want to give up until that last day. We miss you puppy!!




Bocephus "Bo"


Best Boy Bo, We Miss You So ❤ Nov 2001 - Sept 2016






Bruiser was such a great friend. People that knew him saw how gentle he was. He scared people just because he was an American Red Nose Pit and his size, at one time he weighed 107 pounds. Our friend R.I.P., you are loved and missed so much and we hope that you are now running, jumping and playing just like when you were young. 






Katie, thank you for giving me so much joy and comfort for 15 years. And thank you for helping me getting through Mom's passing last year, you really did pull me through. Now I can take comfort in knowing you are safe with her and you both can meet me when I get there! I miss you both so much! 






My sweetest Babydoll Mommy loves and misses you so much 06/04/2004-10/12/2016







God took away a part of my life on September 8,2016. My precious little girl Gingerbread is gone and I am so heartbroken. Ginger I love you so much and I want you to know you brought so much joy into all of our lives. Your unique personality made you so loveable. It's been so hard for me not having you here anymore. I long to see you wagging that little tail, giving kisses and wanting to play ball before bedtime. Spunky, Frankie and teddy miss you too. They have been so sad since you have left us. I am so sorry Ginger I wish I never let you out in the yard that morning. I think about it everyday. I say to myself how did a frog take the life of my baby. I want nothing more than to rewind time and have you back in my arms once agin. Ginger you will always be in my heart you were our family and I love you with all my heart. I pray everyday your at peace now, running around in heaven. Always remember you left behind a family that loved you unconditionally and left us with wonderful memories. I love you gingerbread. RIP princess. 




Winnie Mae


We adopted Winnie from a rescue group after she was found emaciated and abandoned. It took us a while to get her to trust us and love us, but all along the way we gave her ALL the love and care we had!! She was with us for 6 years and recently was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer which ended up spreading fast. We took her to the ER vet after she got violently ill and while there her heart stopped beating and couldn't be revived with CPR. We are COMPLETELY heartbroken and shocked!!! Sleep well now Winnie.... We know you are no longer suffering!! 






Miko enjoyed 15 years with his loving family. He brought us so much joy and will be greatly missed. He left us with many wonderful and hilarious memories. Rest in peace, sweet boy...our "Little Buddy." (July 2001-September 2016)





Bear Dove


Bear...how I, we loved you. It has been 14 long years. I had you alone and then when my Grandson moved in, you were "lassie Come Home" and would not leave his side. When they went away for awhile, you ran down the busy road in a rainstorm dodging traffic until a lady kindly opened the door of her car and we found you again. You were so special and we look forward to seeing you in Heaven. 






2000 - 2016 she lived a long and happy life will be dearly missed 





Heidi Girl


I want to thank everyone at Greenbrier for their services and returning my sweet dog back home in the elegant memory box. I loved my dear Heidi Girl beyond words. Though I am hurting deeply from her loss the trade off is dwarfed by the gift of unconditional love I experienced for nearly 15 years with her. I treasured the time we spent together and will hold those precious memories in my heart forever. Heidi Girl, until we meet at he rainbow bridge keep shinning my little superstar. It was an awesome adventure and a great ride!





Rascal (Bubbas)


Rascal was my world, we grew up together. I miss him like a son. I'll never forget my baby boy. My BubbaRoos. 







Gretchen My sweet, sweet girl. Sleep well, you earned my love so many times over. Rita





Jodee Marsh


I got jodee when he was 6 weeks old. Had him for 11 Years he die on may 17, 2015 and he was or little boy we miss him so much he was cremate thew this company and they did a Great job i will let you guys handle all my dog for now on if the time come for them all to go home to be with jesus thank u so much 




Precious Collins


Fourteen years of joy delight and laughter. Although the youngest, Precious was in control of our house and the other two dogs. She hunted and watch deer,squirrels and birds. She loved me unconditionally, as I did her. She wanted to be with me every moment..and was most of the time. A great traveler..whever we went she was there. She rode the Jeep, four wheeler and jet skis. Really I cannot find the words to describe this special Precious One who in passing left a hole in my heart the wind blows through. Our home is not the same..her presence is felt. I could not love her anymore than I did..she is greatly missed and I will see her again ,"Over the Rainbow Bridge..The light of my life ..Precious.! 






Our sweet boy Brody--- they say we rescued you, but in reality our life truly began the moment we met you. I swear you were more human than dog, and you went everywhere with us with the exception of work. You enriched our lives and brought more love and joy than we ever deserved. You were simply happy as your tail wipped back and forth just to greet us at the door, but what we enjoyed most was the grin on your face prancing around at the beach, rolling around in our yard in the grass and sun, and running in baby sisters room in the morning to give her a kiss good morning. You have taught us through example to live life fully, love unconditionally, let go, be silly and really stop and smell the roses. After 7 years together I know with ever fiber of my being you are happy and pain free, and lord knows you've made more friends than one could count already. Each and every day your heart and soul is a part of us, we look forward to the day we see you again, our handsome boy Brody. Love you Bro Bro, Kristen, Mark, Sissy Sienna






Missing you dearly. You were the guardian of this family for 21 1/2 years. Coming home will never feel the same. You are loved.




Jodee Marsh


I got jodee when he was 6 weeks old. Had him for 11 Years he die on may 17, 2015 and he was or little boy we miss him so much he was cremate thew this company and they did a Great job i will let you guys handle all my dog for now on if the time come for them all to go home to be with jesus thank you so much







My baby boy Dallas, I miss you so much.. You were a blessing to have. Loyal and unconditional love always. You will always be in my heart and I know you are in a better place, free of pain. love Adrienne 10/2000 to 12/2016





Boomer was our baby, a part of our family and we loved him so much! He will forever be in our hearts!






Our sweet, baby girl, Romie passed away Thursday morning. January 12, 2017. :-( She passed away from kidney failure at the animal clinic, before we got there. Our She hearts are breaking!! We were so very blessed to have had her for her 12 years on this earth!! She met all of our grandchildren (3 boys - ages 4,2 and 1) but one, our only granddaughter born 12-30-16. Romie loved and protected them all. She never bit one person during her life. She loved people and other animals. She loved "going" places, especially boat rides and fishing!! We love and miss you our little, Romie Shalomie!! You will always hold a very special place in our hearts! Thank you to Greenbrier Animal Clinic in Anniston, AL and to Greenbrier Memory Gardens for Pets in Apopka, FL for all you did for our precious baby, Romie! 






Rest In Peace, my sweet HARRY Boy, the love of my life, my handsome boy, I Love you and miss you and am hoping with all of my heart that we meet again. 






My beloved partner of 17yrs. sleep tight you were the best of the best. Your memories are still alive