Metro Cat Clinic Hoover, Al. 

Our clinic began using Greenbrier over a year ago, when our current service raised prices to the point that we were embarrassed to quote them to our clients. After evaluating several companies we chose Greenbrier and have been pleased with that decision ever since. Our Greenbrier rep has been responsive to any questions we have, and the person who visits weekly for pick ups and deliveries is the best.Our clinic wholeheartedly recommends Greenbrier. 
Mary Kay Watson
Pratice Manager, Metro Cat Clinic Hoover, Al.




Theodore Veterinary Hospital Theodore, Al.

Since we have added Greenbrier over three years ago we have been totally pleased.  Sometimes I forget that you are servicing our facility.  Keith, who has been the only driver servicing our facility, is normally in and out within minutes and often without us knowing that he has even been here.  Cremation prior to Greenbrier was very costly and was often declined by our clients.  Now our clients more often opt for cremation over taking their pet home to bury.  Recently we started using Greenbrier to dispose of our medical waste as well.  I would recommend greenbrier to anyone!   

Darwin Myers, Office Manager

Therodore Veterinary Hospital, Therodore, AL.




"Greenbrier Cremation service has been a very important source of comfort for our clients. The private cremations are always returned in a timely manner. We feel confident in Greenbrier to return the correct remains with care and respect. They have worked hard to provide a variety of choices for our clients at reasonable rates. They continue to improve on the ways they present products. For example the patient's cremains are now returned in a tasteful carrying bag. Our clients count on us to be sure their beloved pet is properly taken care of even when choosing a communal cremation. The staff at Greenbrier is always caring and understanding. They have been able to help us with special requests or any concerns we or our clients may have. The staff has been a great resource for us. They are professional and well trained. Greenbrier Medical also offers biohazard services. We use them for sharps disposal and have always maintained the proper documentation. We here at Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital will gladly recommend Greenbrier Medical Services to any veterinary practice."


Mary A. Matthews 


CVT/ManagerLantana-Atlantis Animal Clinic Lantan, FL.





Dear Reader,”I have been in small animal practice for over thirty years, mostly in south Florida,and started using Greenbrier's services just over a year ago. I have been extremely impressed with everything about their company. Everybody on their staff that I have dealt with has been courteous and professional, and they have always been helpful in dealing with special requests. I particularly like the extensive choices available to my clients for memorials to their pets. I have received many expressions of gratitude from clients upon the return of their pet's remains, which I attribute to the care and details with which Greenbrier provides their services. I have no hesitation in recommending that you start using Greenbrier for your cremation and memorial services. You will find that they are prompt, very reasonably priced, and thoroughly professional. I have also been very pleased with their sharps and medical waste disposal services, which I found to be much more fairly priced than the company which I previously dealt with. If you wish, I would be happy to speak to you personally at 305-872-4775 to give you further details of my association with Greenbrier."


Donald WM. Denoff, D.V.M.

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